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Volleyball, like you've never seen it before

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Play volleyball against eggs in virtual reality

Come and play beach volley with eggs on an island! Bump, pass, jump, spike, and move around on the court with your Oculus gear and enjoy the beach on an eggs-traordinary island ! Be careful though, the ball can be tricky some times!

Have fun with your friends and family

Play with your friends or make new ones with the multiplayer system!

Join or create a volleggball game with your own rules and try it out with friends or total strangers!

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An eggs-ceptional VR experience

Enjoy a new VR experience on Oculus Quest 2! Discover the latest features available thanks to the Oculus gear, and discover a new way to live your VR eggs-perience! 

Become the best volleggball player in the Egg world!

Play against players from all around the world to become the best Volleggball player and receive amazing rewards!! Train alone or with your friends, compete with them and other Eggs all around the world, and climb the laders to become the best Egg in the world!

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